Red Bull, got wings!

MUNICH – GERMANY: After a very disappointing start to the season, EHC Red Bull Munich win three out of four games. Players who were not planned as leaders, take responsibility and score. And Jochen Reimer, the goalie from last season is back on form.
First they won at the Nuremberg Ice Tigers, who are one of the secret tips for the championship. After a very bad season last year, the main sponsor Tomas Sabo took handful of money and bought half of the Düsseldorf Metro Stars including the coach.
But it seems that this star team has the same problems as last year. Everyone is playing for himself but nobody is fighting for the team. And this is a very bad attitude if you are playing against a team of Pat Cortina who always wants to see his guys give their best, doesn’t matter if they win the game or not.
Last year, Cortinas word of the season was “Arbeitsmoral” (working moral) And that’s what EHC showed this time again.
They dominated the first period and denied Nuremberg the chance to get dangerously in front of Reimers goal. In a very fair match, Ryan Kavanagh scored the first goal for EHC, while Brett Festerling took a penalty in the last minute of the first period.
The second period was completely different. The home team tried to score and pushed toward the Munich goal. But in this period, Christian Wichert stopped the puck at the blue line, played to Uli Maurer and he played across in front of the goal, where Martin Hinterstocker scored his first goal of the season and the second in the game for EHC.
Hinterstocker is one of the surprises of the season till now. Also Cortina says: “We are very lucky that he is now showing what he can. We always believed in him and wanted to give him a chance to show his talent.”
The euphoria for the 100 away team fans was very short, because Yasin Ehliz scored to make it 2:1 for the Nuremberg Ice Tigers.
The game went into the last period and shortly before Viktor Eckbom crashed the Ice Tigers player Pföderl into the glass and broke it, Jason Ulmer scored the 3rd after a very nice pass from Lubor Dibelka. With this win, the first six-point-weekend was close enough to touch.
On Sunday, the Iserlohn Roosters came into the Olympic-Icehall. The Roosters have the same problem as Munich has, they don”t score enough goals.
Munich scored 15 goals up to this game, Iserlohn 18. With this record, it was clear that the game would not be a 6-5 games but more a soccer result.
And this is exactly the game we got. Munich came close to scoring the first goal, but the best chance was not taken by Christian Wichert who shot beside the empty net.
After the goalless first period, it took another 17 minutes until Robert Hock scored the 1:0 for the guests. This was a bad sign for the home fans, because EHC was usually not able to comeback after going one goal behind.
This time though they fought back. Again it was Martin Hinterstocker who scored after the pass from Uli Maurer. And Maurer scored the game winning goal in the eighth minute of the last period on a powerplay when he surprised the keeper Sebastien Caron in the Roosters goal.
With this six-point-weekend, EHC is back on the music in the league and can go without fear to Wolfsburg, which was not a good place for the Munich teams because out of eight games, they have lost every one.
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