NIHL South Round-up week 6

LONDON, UK – More late drama at Invicta, Red Bull girls at Streatham and a former Elite League enforcer meets some crazy men in spandex. It must be another week of NIHL South hockey.

Morphs in Cardiff (Tim Bowers)

Morphs in Cardiff (Tim Bowers)

Streatham Redskins suffered a blow following their first league win of the season when defenseman Rupe Quiney was snapped up by Cardiff on a two way deal with the Elite league and NIHL Devils.
Quiney is a local boy and has played recently in Canada with Toronto Moose. Obviously we are sad to see him leave but Cardiff can offer him more than Streatham with that Elite carrot. Cardiff were obviously pleased though.
“Rupe has great presence on the ice and plays the game with a real edge,” said Devils NIHL coach Mark Cuddihy in an interview with Wales online.
“He has a great attitude and really wants to make something of himself in hockey.”
Indeed Rupe certainly does have a good attitude, but he has given us all flu at Streatham and then headed west so Cardiff players may be wise to invest in some masks.
Invicta Dynamos reflected on the drama of the previous weekend in which they equalised with 59.59 on the clock to tie with Wightlink Raiders.
Mo%27s spirit (Grant Woolway)

Mo%27s spirit (Grant Woolway)

“There are no issues among the players off the ice. They are all getting along fine and I have told them to take that attitude on to the ice and play with a bit of fun” explained Head Coach Kevin Parrish in an interview with Kent Online.
“But I also think we’ve got to get back to basics and that’s what we have been working on in training this week. We’ve got to play some basic hockey and not over complicate things”
Down on the island, Jeremy Cornish was also focussing on training during the week.
“This week’s focus will be on making sure we all understand our responsibilities all over the ice” explained Cornish on his Coaches Corner placed on the Official website.
“I feel some guys are still a bit confused on what they should be doing. We shouldn’t have to revisit this at this point, but I feel after Sunday’s breakdowns, repetition is what is needed”
“I also think the lines might need a little shuffle, Robbie should be back and he will add some scoring punch to the first line. I’m not totally convinced that what we have is good enough to beat the top teams consistently, so we will need to evaluate things after this weekend and add where needed”
“Like I’ve said before, we have a good team, but it’s up to the guys in the locker room to prove we are good enough so changes don’t have to be made”
MK Thunder announced an inventive ticketing scheme as they linked up with the British Armed Forces to promote Ticket for Troops.
Through Tickets for Troops, serving members of HM Forces, and all those medically discharged from the Forces since the commencement of military action in Afghanistan in 2001 are eligible to register for Thunder home game tickets.
Streatham’s Liam Rasmussen picked up one of the more unlikely injuries so far this season as he helped an injured motor cyclist on a London street.
Bracknell joy (Snap-shot photography)

Bracknell joy (Snap-shot photography)

The pacey winger showed his sensitive side as he defied the rules of London i.e. just keep your head down and let people bleed to death, and went to pick up the stricken bikers bike.
In doing his good turn for the day, the Danish dynamo ended up dropping the ‘heavier than it looked’ two-wheeler on his own wrist and ended up in A&E himself with torn ligaments the result.
Bracknell Hornets’ pair Grant Rounding and Nick Minhinnick both enjoyed praise in the media as former Hornets’ coach Gareth Cox paid tribute to their recent performances in the EPL with the Bracknell Bees.
“Grant and Nick did a fantastic job, but we know that’s what they can do” said Bees Coach Cox in an interview with
“That’s the benefit of having such a strong ENL team within the club”
“Our plan all the way through is to use those guys whenever we can and our goal is to see them step up to the Bees”
“They didn’t have a game (for Hornets) the other Sunday so that made it easier for us, but when they do have a game there will be tough decisions to be made”
The tough decision was made for Rounding at least as he was confirmed as a full time Bees player by the end of the weekend.
Goals from Johnston

Goals from Johnston

Chelmsford defenseman Danny Cox was literally the talk of the league as he became the first person of the season (or maybe the decade) to snap a puck in half with a shot in training.
With Danny Wright also smashing the plexi at Chelmsford earlier in the season the question must be asked. Is Chieftains gym king Danny Hammond providing his team mates with new super supplements or are the Chieftains simply buying cheap and sub -standard pucks and glass?
Not for the first time in recent seasons, Bracknell Hornets gave the visiting Invicta Dynamos a bloody nose at the Hive as they skated away with a shock 3-2 win.
Nathaniel Rose and Callum Fowler got the goals for the Mo’s with Peter Jasik, Nick Minhinnick and Carl Thompson on target for the Hornets.
A fantastic result for Bracknell, and even better considering the hard fought road point in Chelmsford the previous weekend.
Streatham travelled to Wightlink looking to build on their first league win of the season a week earlier, however the Raiders took a 6-2 win despite it being close in the early stages.
Scorers for the Raiders were Kieran Annis, Richard Facey, Jiri Hanzal, Robbie Brown, Alex Murray and Robbie Brown.
Dom Hopkins scored for Streatham on his first return to Ryde in opposition colours with Stevie Balmer getting the other.
Slough NIHL Jets suffered another heavy road loss in the South East Trophy as they lost 18-1 to Chelmsford at the Riverside. 
Invicta and Romford went head to head in Gillingham in their South East Trophy fixture, with both sets of fans looking forward to an intriguing match-up.
Cox%27s trail of destruction

Cox%27s trail of destruction

For the second consecutive week at Silverblades the home crowd saw their team battle to a draw, however it was the visitors who managed the dramatic comeback this time round, in a penalty filled encounter.
At 4-1 down midway through the second the Raiders bounced back and hit three unanswered goals with Juraj Huska hitting the game tying goal with just under three minutes remaining.
Invicta scorers were Callum Fowler with a brace and one each for Andy Smith and Nicky Lewis. Aside from Huska the Romford scorers were Shaun Yardley, Matt Turner and Danny Marshall.
Romford’s Julian Smith and Andrius Kaminskas dropped the gloves with Invicta’s Rose and Peter Vaisanen respectively, with Kaminskas also getting two plus ten for checking from behind in a separate incident.
Streatham hosted Solent & Gosport for the first time in a number of years at Brixton and the visitors brought the biggest squad I have ever seen them ice to an away game, so credit to them.
We were all amused pre-game when Tyrone Miller gave his thoughts on energy drinks (namely that they didn’t work so close to the game starting) , and timed it spectacularly with two Red Bull promotion girls entering the rink giving out free Red Bull. Obviously Tyrone passed up on the freebie… or did he march across with a beaming smile and take one? I will leave it up to you all to guess which.
As for the game well, we took a quick 5-1 lead and then made hard work of closing out the game. To their credit the Devils never stopped skating and took their chances well, but we lost a bit of focus at times.
Streatham scorers were Jakub Klima with four, Dom Hopkins with a brace and single goals for Joe Allen and Joe Johnston.
Scorers for the Devils were Kent Johnson, Mitchell Murray, Greg Wyatt, Kris Abbott, James Carlin and George Norcliffe.
As a player who has played on struggling teams searching for a win myself I can empathise with the Devils but as long as they keep plugging away, somewhere along the line it will come.
Corny gives the thumbs up

Corny gives the thumbs up

MK Thunder gave Chelmsford a scare at the Thunder Dome as the pushed the Play-Off Champions all the way, narrowly losing 3-2.
Chelmsford scorers were Gary Clarke, Danny Hammond and Julius Sinkovic. For MK their goals came from Tom Mboya and Mike Whillock.
The final game of the evening took place in Wales as Cardiff and Wightlink locked horns in the Big Blue Tent.
The game ended in a 3-3 tie with another highlight being Wightlink Raiders Player Coach first encounter with the Devil Morphs through the penalty box glass.
Scorers for Wightlink were Corey Watkins and Jiri Hanzal. Cardiff scorers were Louis Lockwood with two and a solo effort from Steve Osman.
So all in all another entertaining week of NIHL South hockey, here’s hoping next week brings more.
Saturday 6th October 2012
Bracknell Hornets 3-2 Invicta Dynamos
Wightlink Raiders 6-2 Streatham Redskins
Chelmsford Chieftains 18-1 Slough NIHL Jets (South East Trophy) 
Sunday 7th October 2012
Streatham Redskins 8-6 Solent & Gosport Devils
Invicta Dynamos 4-4 Romford Raiders (South East Trophy)
Cardiff Devils 3-3 Wightlink Raiders
MK Thunder 2-3 Chelmsford Chieftains
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