Fantasy Hockey Blues? Not So Fast!

RAHWAY, NJ – Let’s face it. It is a sad time to be an NHL fan and a fantasy hockey general manager right now. The league will be locked out in short order and who know when the NHL and NHLPA will come to a new agreement. Once 11:59pm ET Saturday came around , the clock really began to tick. On the bright side, fantasy leagues are still going on nonetheless. Whether it is a head-to-head, auction, rotisserie, keeper, or daily league, the same questions are being asked. For one, I have been asked countless times about projections. Honestly how can you figure out what a player will do when there is no clue how many games will be played in a season. Sure one can rank guys all they want but it means little unless there is a certainty of an 82 game season. The biggest question is always when is the season going to start? Again, there are no clear answers for that one either. Right now, until both sides get to the bargaining table, there is no way anyone can gauge a season start date. Based on the defiant rhetoric, the feeling is October is already gone and November and beyond are in danger. This will not be an easy process. The next question is do I have any other options for my fantasy hockey fix? Yes I recommend exploring your options vigorously. There are OHL fantasy leagues and even rumored to be some AHL and KHL ones on the way. Rest assured, at Pro Hockey News , we will keep our eyes open for any fantasy hockey league that is actually in session. As an added bonus, we will have a fantasy mailbag for questions that do arise during the season. Hopefully the “coolest game on Earth” is back soon enough on the NHL level but in the meantime, good luck fantasy hockey fans and let’s go along for that ride.
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