Fantasy Hockey: A New Hope?

RAHWAY, NJ – Ladies and gentlemen, we may have your salvation at last. It is time for the fantasy hockey fan to be given a couple concrete options in their quest to fill that void that has been gnawing at them since the NHL Lockout started on September 15th. There are options and then there is the more concrete. Our goal here at Pro Hockey News is to find those out there to help our hockey family. The time is short so let’s get to work.
The first league we have for everyone is Sean Shapiro and his Fantasy AHL League . His goal was to create something simple and easy enough for manual scoring and he has succeeded. Again, the key is to offer all the options at our disposal and this is an important one. Here are the ground rules first and foremost.
●        Each team will have an six starters (three forwards, two defensman, one goalie) and three bench players.
●        Lineups will be locked on Monday mornings and last through the week, if you don’t submit a new lineup on Monday your lineup will carry over to the next week.
●        To add or drop players it will be first come-first serve, any add/drops will have to be requested in email.
●        Any trades agreed upon by teams will require an email from both teams, proving it was a mutual decision.
●        Scoring will be head-to-head each week, a matchup will last from Monday to Sunday. If there is an odd number of teams one team will get a bye each week.
●        Each head-to-head matchup winner will be determined by which team wins the most categories.
●        The categories will be: goals, assists, penalty minutes (players) and wins, saves (goalies).
●        For example: if Team A has more goals, wins and saves, while Team B has more assists and penalty minutes, Team A wins the matchup 3-2.
●        There is no award for winning by a larger margin, a 3-2 win is just as good as a 5-0 victory. Shaun or I don’t have the time to calculate standings that in-depth.
●        The draft process is still being determined, but since we won’t have the luxury of an autopick tool (like Yahoo, ESPN, etc..) if you miss the draft your team will be have to be built by claiming players that weren’t drafted.
●        The league email address for trades, add/drop, etc. will be
●        There will be an update post with standings and weekly winners on Wrong Side of the Red Line each week.
When things are done manually, yes it has to be simple. This is going to be a good league to get into and most importantly it is free. Keep in mind, the AHL does not start for a couple weeks so if your email does not get responded to right away, just relax. Needless to say this is not the only game in town.
Next there was what the people at Fantasy Hockey Coach came up with. The fun in forming fantasy leagues is merely the thrill of beating other players and of course being in a competition. What if you add in doing something that has not been done before? It sure has a little more appeal, now doesn’t it? Does a Fantasy Memorial Cup sound good? This comprises the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL leagues. Because of the volume derived from three different leagues and again manual scoring, there are very simplistic categories.
This league is run by Hockey Pool Guru . Here are your three options and all for only $5 for one entry.
Also scoring is very simple. Skaters get one point for a goal and one point for an assist while goalies get two points for a win and one for a shutout. Please read the site for additional instructions and rules as these are quite important. Again there will be coverage on all of these leagues throughout the season even if the NHL does come back.
Finally we do have a league that will be in development. As KHL rosters completely round out, a fantasy league will be formed. As soon as we get an idea for an easy way to do box picking for all the new influx, an announcement will be made. There are also a couple of other leagues we are following as always and on Pro Hockey News, updates will be forthcoming. Again we appreciate the feedback and good luck to all who are entering these “new leagues” and when the NHL comes back, they will get equal time. Thanks for reading.
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