You’re playing with the big boys now Union buries Minnesota, 7-4

PHILADELPHIA, Pa – Ok, let me be the first to call out the people who brag every year follow college basketball. You know the type I am talking about. I am referring to the ones who pull out their precious DVD of the movie Hoosiers, or work on the NCAA selection team who pull the field of 64 out there collective rear ends. They are the ones who LOVE to bring up how the field of 64 does oh so much for allowing the “little school” into the greatest thing since sliced bread known as the NCAA college basketball tournament.icehockey_m-DI

Really? Well that’s sweet of you who follow so bull. College basketball doesn’t crap for small schools except to throw the “Hoosier” lovers a bone or two. In college hockey your spot in the tournament. There are only 16 spots s nothing is given to you, you earn your spot or in Frozen Four or you don’t get in.

Let’s also face facts, in what universe will a “small school” ever win college basketball. Oh, and the hopheads who watch b-ball better stop redefining what small school is. To theme a small school is one who doesn’t make the tournament every year rather than the size of the school itself.

Take that and now I want you to think of Union College. The Dutchmen not only played with the big boys, they were the big boys. Union defeated college hockey power Minnesota 7-4 to win the Frozen Four and were crowed NCAA Men’s College Hockey champions.

To put that into perspective. Union, according to each schools websites, has roughly 2,133 full time undergraduates. Minnesota, just under 65,000. Let me put that into hockey terms that even a hophead can understand. David met Goliath on the ice in South Philadelphia Saturday night, Goliath got hit on the head by a blistering slap shot by David, Goliath got knocked on his ass, David and company kicked Goliath and the rest of his Golden Gophers into submission.

Now, do the rest of us puck heads a favor hopheads. Show me the last time a “small school” really pulled off a major upset like this? In fact show me a small school like Union that even got into the “show”? Good luck, it might take a while. In the meantime, get used to hearing about Union College for quite some time.

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