Suspensions and fines begin following Leafs-Sabres melee Clarkson gets 10-game suspension

NEW YORK – The fallout has continued through much of the day as a result of the brawl that occurred between the Toronto Maples Leafs and the Buffalo Sabres. As has been chronicled elsewhere, the two teams stood in for a face-off midway through the third period.

This afternoon Sabres head coach Ron Rolston was fined by the NHL for his role or lack thereof in the fracas.

Rolston was fined for player selection and team conduct as a result of events that took place at 10:01 of the third period during NHL preseason game No. 61 against the Toronto Maple Leafs in Toronto on Sunday, Sept. 22.NHL

The events took place during the face-off after Buffalo forward Corey Tropp fought Toronto forward Jamie Devane. Buffalo forward John Scott initiated an altercation with Toronto forward Phil Kessel, whom he was lined up against on the face-off, resulting in several fights. In total, 211 penalty minutes, including three game misconducts, were assessed due to the various altercations.

Earlier in the week, Toronto’s David Clarkson was suspended for 10 regular season matches.

Clarkson was automatically suspended for 10 regular-season games, without pay, as a result of being assessed a game misconduct penalty for leaving the bench on an illegal line change to join an altercation during NHL preseason game No. 61 against the Buffalo Sabres on Sunday, Sept. 22, in Toronto.

At 10:01 of the third period, Clarkson was assessed a game misconduct penalty under Rule 70.6, which states: “A game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on the player who was the first or second player to leave the players’ or penalty bench during an altercation or for the purpose of starting an altercation, from either or both teams.”

The suspension is mandated by Rule 70.10, which states: “The first player to leave the players’ or penalty bench illegally during an altercation or for the purpose of starting an altercation from either or both teams shall be suspended without pay for the next 10 regular League and/or playoff games of his team.”

Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and based on his average annual salary, Clarkson will forfeit $269,230.80. The money goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Clarkson will be eligible to return to the Maple Leafs’ lineup on Oct. 25 at Columbus.

Additional suspensions are expected as the NHL continues its review and assessment of the melee.

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