Spanish season summary

The 2013-2014 Spanish hockey season has finished. Escor-BAKH Bipolo has been the dominating team from the very beginning, they won the Supercup back in September, the Regular Season on February and Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup) and Playoff title on March.


Raising the Cup – image courtesy of Bipolo

It is the first time for a team to win the four titles in one season. The other finalist team in the League (regular season and playoff) and Cup were Club Gel Puigcerdà, the best of the rest.

Bipolo also participated in the 2nd round group B of the Continental Cup, playing very good hockey against stronger teams and finishing in 4th place. The results were:

Nottingham Panthers (GBR)- Escor-BAKH Bipolo 5-3

Dinamo Juniors (LAT)- Escor-BAKH Bipolo 7-2

HYS The Hague (NED)- Escor-BAKH Bipolo 5-3

Chronologicaly Bipolo won first the Supercup beating Club Hielo Jaca in two games, as a visitor 1-9 and at home 6-2.

They finished the regular season in first position with 54 points in 20 games, with only 2 defeats, ahead of CG Puigcerdà (42 points), CHH Txuri Urdin (30), CH Jaca (24), FC Barcelona (21) and SAD Majadahonda (9).

The results of the playoffs were:


1st CH Jaca- Escor-BAKH Bipolo 3-5

CHH Txuri Urdin-CG Puigcerdà 5-10

2nd Escor-BAKH Bipolo -CH Jaca 3-4

CG Puigcerdà-CHH Txuri Urdin 3-2 (OT)

3rd Escor-BAKH Bipolo -CH Jaca 7-0


1st Escor-BAKH Bipolo -CG Puigcerdà 6-2

2nd Escor-BAKH Bipolo -CG Puigcerdà 5-1

3rd CG Puigcerdà-Escor-BAKH Bipolo 5-2

4th CG Puigcerdà-Escor-BAKH Bipolo 2-5

Bipolo won the Copa del Rey final in the Final Four played in Barcelona beating again CG Puigcerdà, the score was now 4-1.

Despite this success, the future of this club is still uncertain, they need to get sponsors to continue playing next season.

Pro Hockey News will cover Spanish hockey in the 2014-15 season.

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