Snowden benefits from mid-season change of scenery

FORT WORTH, Texas – John Snowden makes no bones about it. He didn’t play his best hockey with the 8456321069_653bc3fa44Rapid City Rush. This caused Rush Head Coach Joe Ferras to make a change – he released the veteran and Rapid City’s loss has turned out to be the Fort Worth Brahmas’ gain and then some.

The Brahmas are 18-7-1 since Snowden signed with the team on December 21st. In that time he has 21 goals with 10 of them coming on the man-advantage. Snowden has also assisted on another 15 goals to give him 36 points in 26 games. He also owns a +8 while playing on the Brahmas’ top line.

Snowden recently set a Brahmas’ franchise record when he had five goals in a game against the Arizona Sundogs on February 13th. He described the night as one you dream about; your teammates find you wide open – he seemed in shock of how open he was while describing it – and everything just seems to fall in place. His five goals came on only seven shots and are a large part of why he has 10 points in his last four games.

Snowden said this wasn’t the first time he’s had five goals and, oddly enough, the other time was on the road as well.

“I had five goals in Louisiana, my second year with Texas,” he recalled.

Texas in this case is defunct ECHL team, the Texas Wildcatters. Despite Snowden’s personal success (105 points in 143 games over tw49ef3d3792544dba16944378c747c273o seasons as a rookie and a second year pro), the team struggled both in the standings and at the gate. They missed the playoffs both years.

Fast forward to today and Snowden is playing a key role on a team that is battling for first place in the Central Hockey League and looks to have a solid chance to make a deep playoff run. Snowden is really relishing his time with the Brahmas and loves the makeup of the team.

“It’s worked out great for me coming here. We’re a lunch pail kind of team; we’re not going to razzle dazzle you with skill but we’ve got a great group of guys on the team,” Snowden said.

Obviously Snowden would love to win a championship, as would every player, but he is also passing on some tips and pointers to his teammates. Despite not wearing a captain’s “C” and assistant’s “A” on his chest, Snowden considers it his obligation as a veteran to provide some leadership.8406877752_d1a5aa5864

“As someone who’s been in it as long as I have, I just feel it’s a duty to come in and help out the younger guys. I feel like it is my responsibility to pass on some pointers.”

After a grueling stretch of seven games in 11 nights and five different cities, Snowden and the Brahmas have a few nights off to rest, recharge, and keep their focus for the stretch run. If the recent past is any indicator, Snowden will play a key role if the Brahmas are to succeed.

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