Power Play Break talks Dave Starman Riley and Starman discuss ADM development of young hockey players

LONG ISLAND, NY – The Power Play Break takes the program to the USA Hockey Development camp on the Island. In this series, Riley sits down with Dave Starman to talk about the American Development Model for USA Hockey.IMG_29112259936361

Starman is a goalie specialist and talks about the development of young, novice players opting to play goal. The discussion is a great place for any new hockey player thinking of taking the crease to start learning and knowing what they are facing in their future.

They discuss certain coaching aspects of the USA ADM, including goalies, early development, and helping make the right decisions for the kids – and the parents – to fall in love with hockey.

The interesting point Starman makes is the “situational save”. It is not about just making a butterfly save for the sake of the butterfly. It is about awareness of the ice, the crease and the players around the crease.

The second point Starman makes is the drill set for development camps. It is about always moving and getting campers sweaty and moving. Especially important is the ability to skate without the puck and finding open spaces on the ice and Starman discusses this as well.

Part 1

Part 2

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