Power Play Break continues with Kerry Frazer

BETHPAGE, NY – In one of the more illuminating interviews on the internet, Chris Riley finishes up this three-part episode with Kerry Frazer. The intriguing aspect of this series has been the intelligence quotient from both Riley and Frazer as the interview has worked from Frazer’s early career to the issues facing the sport today. IMG_29112259936361

What has come through the entire series has been the effort by Frazer throughout his career to protect the players in his charge as referee. This appears to be anomaly now as players, the true asset of any sport, are not high on the list protected assets and at times appear to be liabilities.

Pro Hockey News is pleased to have offered this series with Kerry Frazer as a means to open our future discussions focused on concussions in hockey and sport in general.

But for now, please enjoy the final installments of the Kerry Frazer interview with Power Play Break.

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