Power Play Break and the 2013 NHL Entry Draft Winners and losers of the 2013 NHL Draft

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ – This past week Pro Hockey News introduced the Power Play Break to its readers and thus far it has been a hit with you. Within hours, the introductory articPower Play Breakle reached our top ten list of most read stories.

Last week we introduced Chris Riley as co-host of the Power Play Break and with this article we give you some insight into his co-host, Ricky O.

The opportunity presented itself Friday to sit and talk with Ricky O and get his take on sports and his contribution to the Power Play Break.

Ricky is a huge hockey fan and traces his love for the game to his childhood in New Jersey.

“Hockey was our babysitter,” Ricky said. “It was a family thing that gave us all a chance to gather and meet as a family.

“Because we didn’t have cable, the family would rent a hotel room and watch the Rangers game there then head home.”

His love for the game has never diminished since he was a young kid growing up idolizing the New York Rangers. But along there the way there have been other interests including his professional wrestling career in and out of the ring.

“I was always a big fan of pro wrestling,” Ricky said. “I wrestled and then moved over to the promotional side of the sport. My real passion for the sport is getting young guys out there and making sure they have a shot at the big time.”

Beyond the wrestling and hockey, Ricky was an accomplished baseball player in his younger days and was drafted by the St Louis Cardinals organization as a catcher. His pro baseball career got started in the “A” level but was cut short when he was the victim of a vehicular accident.

“That was always a tough one and I still have some physical issues but now I play in a couple of local leagues here in Jersey,” Ricky said of his baseball playing days then and now.

His passion for hockey really started with his parents. His mother is a big Boston Bruins fan. But it was father’s love of the game that drove Ricky’s passion.

“My father was from Paraguay, the home of Willi Plett, and my dad was always proud of that,” Ricky said. “He was a Ranger fan and that wore off on me too.”

Pro Hockey News is pleased to have the Power Play Break on it pages and we look forward to a long relationship with Chris and Ricky O.

So, without further ado we offer the second episode of the Power Play Break from Chris Riley and Rocky O.

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