Power Play Break and Stu Grimson continue their conversation This is the best segment of the Power Play Break to date

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ – In this fourth segment with Stu Grimson, there is an excellent discussion about fighting in the National Hockey League and the role of the enforcer in the game.

Grimson talks about the offensive push after a fight and the energy gained from the altercation.IMG_29094458623989

Dave Brown, Bob Probert, and George Laraque were the strongest, toughest opponents for Grimson over the course of his career.

Grimson also talks about the discipline process during his career as being less comprehensive than it is now.

The interesting portion of this segment is Grimson’s discussion of his wife’s relationship to his role on the ice and his hockey career.

This is a deep, soul-searching segment that needs to be viewed several times to really process the information.

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