Power Play Break and Jim Dowd talk college hockey Four years at Lake Superior State shape career

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ – Lake Superior State took a flyer on Jim Dowd when he was looking to extend his career beyond the high school days. He was offered a scholarship and “free sticks”.Power Play Break

Lake Superior won a championship in Dowd’s first year and were never ranked lower than 4th in his four years in the program.

The adjustment to college life is discussed in this second episode. Dowd’s first goal was not until the 12th game of the season. For him, it was the goalies that made the real difference in college hockey.

Host Chris Riley and Dowd have been friends since the age of 11. That friendship comes through in this series of interviews.

For Dowd, a commitment to four years of college was an important component of his development and a college degree.

“There really was no rush,” Dowd said. “I still went to the minors but had a college degree.”

Here is part two of the interview.

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