PHN’s Best Shots of the Game: Flyers robbed by Brodeur Brodeur stands out in win over Philly

PHILADELPHIA, Pa – The New Jersey Devils and Martin Brodeur came to Philadelphia earlier this week and left with a 2-1 win over the Flyers.PHN_BSOG-200x133

The game was not without controversy as the Flyers thought they had potted the game-tying goal late in regulation.

But video review confirmed the no-goal call on the ice.

It was no secret Jakub Voracek was upset with the no goal outcome, “With playoffs on the line they’re going to make a call like that” he said “It’s incredible. It’s a joke.

” When the buzzer [from Toronto] went on I was 100 percent sure it was going to be a goal…I cannot believe it wasn’t a goal. He didn’t blow the whistle. When he waved no goal It was a shock for me…with playoffs on the line it was great hockey all game long and that call ruined the whole game.”

Fans watched as the clock ticked down to zero witnessing the Flyers second consecutive loss.

With New Jersey taking the two points in the contest, Martin Brodeur earned his 50th career win against the Flyers.
Narrative by Morgan Phillips of PHN

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