PHN’s Best Shots of the Game: Chelmsford takes four points over weekend


CHELMSFORD, UK – Sunday the 20th October saw the league match between the Chelmsford Chieftains and the much improved Solent and Gosport Devils, at Riverside in Essex.

The start of the first period had the Chieftains attacking without putting a score on the board but their luck changed near the end of the first 20 minutes where Ross Brears managed to get the puck past the Solent netminder.

The second period was a repeat of the first with the Chieftains getting their second goal scored by defenseman John Connolly near the end of the period.

The third period saw the match put out of the reach of Solent when James Ayling scored the Chieftains third goal, and then Connolly scored his second and the Chieftains fourth.

The final score could have been different as the Chieftains were given two penalties and were 3 on 5 for the last 2 minutes of the game. Luckily for Ben Clements the Chieftains netminder, Solent were unable to capitalize on this and the final score was Chieftains 4, Devils 0, giving Clements his 17th shut out with the Chieftains, (which is a Chieftains’ record).

This made for a good 4-point weekend with a 5-2 victory over Bracknell Hornets the night before.

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