PHN’s Best Shots of the Game: Chelmsford has mixed weekend Win over Dynamos is followed with loss to London


CHELMSFORD, UK – What a few differences a few weeks can make for the Chieftains. After suffering a heavy lose to the Dynamos at home, they had it all to prove when the Dynamos made a return visit. And they did it in style, by smashing the Dynamos with their heaviest defeat this season 13-3.

But it was the Dynamos who got on the scorecard first making people think it was going to be more of the same, but things changed once the Chieftains started scoring, and they didn’t look back with five minutes in the first period. Two more in the second and six in the third forced the Dynamos to change their netminders.

After the Dynamos made the change, the Dynamos could only manage one in each period. This made a good start to the weekend for the Chieftains.

Unfortunatly Sunday night was not as good, as the Chieftains lost 5 – 3 to the London Raiders (formally the Romford Raiders). This was a scrappy game and the Chieftains gave the game away by conceding far to many penalties and power play goals.

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