Olten defender, Ronny Keller, paralysed after horrific collision Early prognosis is poor

OLTEN, SWITZERLAND – Defence man, Ronny Keller of Olten in the Swiss National League B, has been paralysed following a horror collision in Olten’s semi-final game against Langenthal. The incident happened during the 77th minute of the game, which was in overtime when Keller tried to protect himself from a check of a chasing Langenthal player, Stefan Schnyder. At the time of the incident, Keller was a few feet away from the boards.

Following the incident, several sources reported that Keller said, “I can’t feel my legs, I can’t move my legs.”

After initial examinphn_logo copyations, he was sent to the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil, where he lays at an intensive care unit.

Michael Baumberger, chief physician of the hospital said, “Following the serious injury of the fourth thoracic vertebrae, Ronny Keller is in permanent state of paraplegia. There are no head or brain injuries.”

Keller will remain in the ICU for the next couple of days, but is likely to be moved to a specialist ward providing that his condition remains stable.

Stefan Schnyder is said to be in a state of shock after the incident and told GLANCE magazine that, “I regret what has happened and I hope that Ronny recovers quickly. I just wanted to be in front of him for the puck. The scene will always be in my mind and I blame myself.”

The third game of semi-final series between Olten and Langenthal is currently considered for postponement as Olten players have reportedly received psychological help following the incident.

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