Kessel suspended for remainder of pre-season Cited for slashing with intent to injure

NEW YORK – Late Tuesday the National Hockey League continued to release information about suspensions resulting from the brawl in the Maple Leafs – Sabres pre-season game on Sunday. Suspensions and fines have been announced previously.NHL

On Tuesday, Toronto forward Phil Kessel was suspended for Toronto’s final three preseason games for slashing Buffalo Sabres forward John Scott during NHL preseason game No. 61 in Toronto on Sunday, Sept. 22, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced today.

Kessel and Scott were lined up against each other in the face-off circle and Scott verbalized something to which Kessel took exception. Kessel slashed Scott at the lower legs three times.

The melee broke out midway through the third period of the game and might have escalated to a bench-clearing brawl. A match penalty for slashing (attempting to injure) was assessed on the play.

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