Introducing Minor Matters on Pro Hockey News Adam brings years of experience at the minor league level to the pages of PHN

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Looks like you found this new column here on If you found this on purpose, welcome to the newest PHN addition, Minor Matters. If you are here by accident, stay around and read the rest of the page.

I am Adam Minnick and I spent 10 years working in minor leagues sports, nine in hockey and one in basketball. Most of my time was spent broadcasting and managing the teams’ media relations, websites and local community events. My last couple years I also took on the role of overseeing daily operations for the business side of the front office.

Somehow I got into that crazy field, and crazy is a good word for it, after graduating from Indiana University with a journalism degree. I spent much of my four years in Bloomington working for student radio. Talk about a learning experience; try being the lead broadcaster on radio for the Little 500, a bicycle race. Check out the move Breaking Away to learn more about the race. On the flip side, I was there when Bobby Knight got fired and got my 15 minutes of fame appearing on a segment for ESPN Outside the Lines in 2000.Minnick head shot

You will also probably learn, if you read this column over time, I am a sports nut and especially love the highs the Chicago Blackhawks have given me the last few years, the lows of a lifetime Chicago Cubs fan and the frustrations of following Hoosier Basketball.

It has been a long time since I lived in Chicago where I grew up. My minor professional sports career brought me to Fayetteville, N.C.; Macon, Ga.; Orlando, Fla.; and Albuquerque, N.M. where I am living now. I have left the sports world on a daily basis and work in a completely different field now. So enough about boring you with who I am, I know you want to know more about what this Minor Matters will be.

The super catchy name is purely based on my work previously in minor league sports and the fact I will opine about the matters around the world of hockey, not just the minor leagues, that are probably minor to most and major to a few. My goal is to talk write about current goings on in the world of hockey, and often times give my opinion about the topic.

I am hoping this generates not only readers but I want to encourage dialogue in terms of comments on the PHN site as well as social media. I have resisted joining Twitter in the past but that has changed. Being given the honor of creating this column for PHN has opened up my eyes to that part of social media. Feel free to follow me at @Adam_PHN. I want to interact with those of you that take time to read the column.

Expect to see a new column every other week. In between feel free to add comments or follow me on Twitter and talk about something on your mind. Maybe you will help generate the idea for my next column. I can’t promise you will always like what I write or even my opinion on a certain matter. My only goal is to entertain and hopefully engage the PHN readers around the world.

When I was a broadcaster my job was to bring the action you couldn’t see to life as you listened to the broadcast. One of my proudest parts of my broadcast was including the fans. I always had an email and instant message open during the games for the listeners to chime in. I loved to make them a part of my live broadcast. In print, I want to do that as best we can and website comments and social media seems to be the answer.

So there you have it. I am hoping this is the least interesting Minor Matters addition ever. On the other hand, if you found me spewing the “who I am” and “what this will be” highly interesting, great, because it’s only going to get better.

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