Hockey player passes away after violent hit to head In Kazakhstan Major League Dmitri Uchaykin, 33, reportedly succumbs from brain trauma

KAZAKHSTAN – According to reports in the Kazakh media and other international news outlets, Dmitri Uchaykin, 33, has passed away following a heavy and hard hit to the head in a match between HC Ertis-Pavlodar and HC Arystan in the Kazakhstan Major League.

According to reports, Arystan player, Donatas Kumeliuskas hit Uchaykin hard into the head in a game between the two teams on the 28th of March. Some reports suggest that Uchaykin left the ice under his own strength and went home the same night and didn’t check into a hospital until the next day after he started to feel unwell. However, there are reports that say that Uchaykin was left unconscious after the hit and was stretchered off the ice and fell into a coma on the way to the hospital.phn_logo copy

After two days unconscious in the hospital, Uchaykin passed away at 04:00am on the 31st of March. The cause of death has been determined as brain haemorrhage. Uchaykin is survived by his pregnant wife and daughter.

The Kazakhstan Major League governing body is yet to determine action against Kumeliuskas and Uchaykin’s team, Ertis have asked that the next game between the two teams to be postponed. Ertis-Pavlodar will be holding a memorial for Uchaykin on the second of April at its home rink.

Uchaykin was a product of the Amur Khabarovsk junior system and played for the KHL side for majority of his career. He joined Ertis in 2010.

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