Bloomington Thunder booster club gets everyone involved

BLOOMINTON, Ill – Being a part of a booster club can be a fun and rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunity to get to know the hockey players as well as support the team in their seasons.

“[The booster club is full of] good people who love hockey and are just trying to do some good for the hockey teams,” Dan Glatt said, a booster club member for the Bloomington Thunder.Bloomington Thunder logo

Switching into a different league can be a big change for both the hockey team and booster club. The Thunder moved to the Southern Professional Hockey League for the 2-13-14 season.

“I wasn’t sure about switching leagues but they are having really good match ups and the players are more accessible and makes people more apt to come to the games because of that,” Nicole Bagby said, another dedicated member of the Bloomington Thunder Booster Club.

One of the new activities the booster club is excited about is the promotional affiliation with the Blackhawks.

“It’ll be really great,” Glatt said, when asked how he felt about the Blackhawk affiliation.

“I think their promotional group will be helpful and draw a big crowd,” Bagby said.

There are many memory-making opportunities when being a part of the Bloomington Thunder Booster Club because it gives you the chance to get to know the players.

One of Glatts favorite memories was, last year in 2012, during a training camp for adult players, Glatt was the goalie and he had some of the pro players from the Bloomington team shoot on him. He also had the opportunity to play some pick-up games with them.

Talk about an adrenaline rush!

There also are many funny memories to be made when it comes to being a part of the booster club.

“We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and a couple of the players we were with ordered the hottest wings on the menu,” Bagby recalls.

“They proved that grown hockey man can really cry,” Bagby joked.

Another story that Bagby recalls is running into a few players at Wal-Mart and saw they had a plunger and one of the players tried to hid it. She asked what they were doing and one replied with that they had to get a plunger and the player holding it dropped it.

She said it was one of the funniest encounters she has had with the team.

The people who are so dedicated to the booster club are the ones who are going to make sure that pro hockey stays around. It is a rewarding experience and you get to be a part of something great. Meeting the players are having a fun time are one part of what makes the booster club fun and all the while you are being supportive of a game and team you love.


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