Betting on the favourites to win the NHL season

If you are unfamiliar about how the NHL season winner is determined; the winners of the playoffs in both the Eastern and Western Conferences compete for the Stanley Cup in a series of seven games, and the winner is the one with the most wins. If the number of wins is identical then the winner is determined by point difference. The series ends when there is a clear winner, thus it might last for just four games.

The 2013 playoffs began on the 12th June in Chicago. The first two games were hosted by the Chicago Blackhawks from the Western Conference as they scored the most points in their regular season.2013 11 09_1377

The current favourites to win the Stanley Cup are the Pittsburgh at 11/2, but there is very little difference between those odds and the odds currently posted on the Chicago Blackhawks at 13/2 and the San Jose Sharks at 15/2. With such a slight difference you might as well toss a coin to determine which team to bet on. But expect the odds to change; they could fluctuate quite widely if one team prospers in the early stages but then fortunes are reversed.

The key is to keep an eye on the odds and be ready to make value bets if and when the opportunity is there. If you are a Carolina Hurricanes fan you might be better off betting on upcoming games as the odds are set to 40/1 for them to win the Stanley cup, or you could bet on the Hurricanes to win the Eastern conference (18/1).

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