Behind the scenes Seven Oaks Raiders 8A1 Novice Team

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – This is a behind the scenes look at an 8yr old elite level hockey team The Seven Oaks Raiders White Novice 8A1.Winnipeg kids logo

Some may think 8-year olds and elite level hockey don’t sound right but this is when it all starts for these players in Winnipeg. They have begun their journey into a new chapter of hockey, we have tryouts and some players will be let go and have to play 7’s and 8’s House League where the up-and-coming 7-year olds mostly dominate.

For our team, the Seven Oaks Raiders White we had a group of 40 kids come to try-outs and we were to make two teams Raiders White and Raiders Black so 14 players would be let go as our rosters consist of 12 skaters and a goalie.

After having a week-long camp we decided on the final group of kids and then on to the “war room” to draft up our teams.

My team, Seven Oaks Raiders White, will be made up of kids from northwest Winnipeg who have come from various community clubs in our area.

We will practice twice a week from October 1 through the end of March and play upwards of 50 games including four to five tournaments, preseason games, playoffs, regular season. The kids will also be doing dry land training once to twice a week.

Our operating costs will be around US$12,000, players will pay around US$950 each. Fundraising and 50/50 draws will offset some of our costs.

Players will also be spending around US$200 plus on team apparel as everybody wants to show off Raider colors.Winnipeg kids

We have just completed two preseason games where we were one win and one loss, and are getting ready for a preseason tourney called the Dynamite Cup which will get us ready for the upcoming season which begins the last week of the month.

Our team also has one female player Raya Hrankowski to go along with twelve boys.

This group of elite eight’s includes Owen Lourenco,Nathan Miele,Nixon Carriere,Parker Grift,Hayden Chernecki,Donovan Bodnar,Cole O’Grady,Evan Capka,Jack Taylor,Kalan Krenkevich,Lucas DeSousa,Oliver Bittern Jr,. Coaches are Ryan Hrankowski, Chris Grift, Keith Carriere and Manager Bato Miele.

It will be a fun year of hockey for all of us as we will continue to develop as a team and watch these kids learn to play and become a well rounded group.

If anybody wants to help us out we will gladly except any clothing sponsors or equipment sponsors or any monetary donations to help offset any expenses .

We can be reached at or @hrank94 on Twitter

Publisher’s note: Pro Hockey News is pleased to offer some support to the Raiders. Ryan is our beat writer in Winnipeg covering the Jets and his passion for the sport is evident. We applaud him and his efforts and look forward to seeing his kids progress this season. If you can and are willing to assist drop Ryan a tweet.

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    • Update on Raiders they lost a heartbraking double OT game in the Dynamite Cup semifinals 3-2. They then lost another double OT thriller in the bronze medal game 3-2, finishing 4th out of 16 teams they will now open up the regular season Saturday oct.26

  1. The Raiders have won their pool in the Dynamite Cup and will play in semifinal on wed oct.23 in their pursuit of Gold before opening the season on oct.26 .

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